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6 Mar 11 03:40:41 pm
I have been on here reading all weekend and am kinda dissappointed with the things i've seen,i've seen threads for the things i need and responses with links that are useless,and not really wholesale prices at all,i need a wholesale not retail for Ipad,Ipod,Iphone,And android accessories,i mean i can go to the local mall and flea market and find booth after booth,why is it so hard to find legitimite suppliers on here.I am in the US so i dont need a china or uk supplier.Any honest help would be appreciated!

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6 Mar 11 10:35:34 pm
You will need to source through Apple themselves to get the best prices as there is no other way to legitimately source Apple iPhones, iPods and the iPad wholesale except through Apple themselves. A lot of our members are very interested in sourcing Apple iPhones, iPods and the iPad too, but unfortunately, the requirements to source these wholesale are extremely high due to Apple’s desire to protect their brand value. If you want to source these items wholesale, you’ll need to fill out an application on Apple’s website and be able to meet a minimum annual purchase requirement of more than $100,000 and provide 2 business references – among other things. You can read the full requirements here:

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As for the other products you're interested in like Android accessories, if I may ask, have you tried contacting the suppliers directly for a catalog and a quote or are you just going by the prices on the supplier’s website? Some suppliers also have a retail arm, so it’s not uncommon to see retail prices when you visit a supplier’s site. If you haven't yet, try to send them an email first asking what the best possible price is that they can give you for the products you wish to buy.


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