Iphone 3g 16gb

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23 Jul 08 11:53:57 pm
I found a guy, Jec Meo selling Iphones 3g 16gb black and white for about $500 usd each. Does this sound like a deal or scam?

Thanks for the help

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24 Jul 08 02:12:31 am
Where is he from? It's hard to buy iphones without contract these days, unless he has business account with them, but $500 seems to be around the retail price without contract, maybe a little less.

Just check to see what type of payment he accepts, if western union or bank transfer, stay away.

Also ask how many he can offer.

If u can, pm me his contact and I can check out for you.

I use to be an iphone reseller on ebay.

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31 Jul 08 10:39:32 am
Do you know where can i get this phone?

Thank you

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31 Jul 08 11:18:20 am
You should find out what the shipping would be.

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17 May 11 04:22:22 am
someone knows where can i find i reliable supplier who sell iPhone 3G at very good prices within USA who ships to Mexico?

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23 Feb 14 01:50:23 pm
Hi - I am looking for an iphone wholesaler NOT in CHINA. If anyone can help me with finding an iphone wholesaler greatly appreciate .. Apple 4s, 5s

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23 Feb 14 07:46:42 pm
Hi Stacy and welcome to the forum,

Have you searched for suppliers in the directory yet?

Mark (fudjj)

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9 Aug 16 04:42:42 pm
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