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iPhone/Samsung smartphones - wholesalers needed

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16 Jun 09 09:12:00 am
Hey everyone.
I was just wondering what the wholesale price of 8gb and 16gb iphones is. Just got an email from an american based company and they seem to have pretty good prices, brand new units, MOQ 25 units, accept credit card and everything. Just thought I'd ask what a good wholesale price is, and under what price is garunteed something dodgy?


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16 Jun 09 11:28:05 am
$700 for a 16GB factory unlocked. I would stay well clear of anything below $600.

Also you may want to note the new iPhone released in a weeks time and the iPhone will drop in price to $99 on PAYG.

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17 May 11 04:13:40 am
i also wanna know where can i buy original iphone? pls someone give a link

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17 May 11 10:29:37 pm
i also wanna know where can i buy original iphone? pls someone give a link


Here's a couple of posts you might be interested in reading -

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

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19 Jun 15 04:34:38 am
Looking for wholesale supplier for either iPhone or Samsung

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22 Jun 15 05:11:48 am
Hi Yvonne,

Apple's desire to protect their brand value makes it really hard to find wholesalers for Apple products such as iPhone. You need to fill-out an application on Apple's website should you want to source these items at a wholesale rate. Do note though that the annual minimum purchase for these items requires more than $100,000. You can read the full requirements here: Link hidden: Login to view

The same goes for Samsung. Check-out their distributor program here: Link hidden: Login to view

You can purchase Apple and Samsung products at SaleHoo but mostly from Liquidators.

Here are a few suppliers you may want to check out:

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps.

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22 Jun 15 07:55:01 am
Hi Yvonne,
As Rhea mentioned above, it's not easy to find the real supplier for Iphone and Samsung.
Of course , mostly are from Liquidators.

As banggood.com, we do offer some Apple Accessories for dropshipers.
Here are the links that you may want to click:
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

And we also offer Meizu and Xiaomi Phones.
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please register as a banggood dropshippers by the following steps:
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If you already submitted the applications,please let me know.
We'll examine and verify the qualification of your account.

Any questions,please contact with us freely.
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Kind regards,
Banggood Dropship

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29 Aug 15 08:17:05 am
I am new member with salehoo. How I can buy Samsung Galaxy Phone and iphone from legitimate supplier or distributor? I would appreciate is anyone can give me more info.,

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