ipod and ipod copies prices

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8 Jun 06 02:49:52 pm
Hey everyone.

Just wondering what people are finding good for ipod or ipod copies prices. I have found a few manufacturers for these items and I am just wondering about the average price people are finding or are happy with.

No need to give away your source just wondering the average price people are buying at.

I have found what i think are some pretty good deals. May pass on to everyone if it is better than your average price.

Please state whether your price you found is for authentic or copy.


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9 Jun 06 06:05:46 pm
$205 Ipod Nano 4GB Free shipping
76.00 Ipod Nano Copy 2GB $4.00 shipping each unit
Would like lower prices!

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11 Jun 06 12:40:31 am
i'm pretty happy with my ipod supplier prices.

Original 2gb nano - $136 (Not include shipping)
Original 4gb nano - $195 (shipping included)

I've ordered from my 2GB supplier before so i know they're legit.
But haven't ordered from my 4GB supplier before so i ordered a sample. Tracking number they gave is legit but haven't recieved it yet.

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14 Jul 06 06:41:43 pm
Anyone willing to give away their supplier? I'm not using on ebay anyways only in paper so no extra competition


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