iPod prices update

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17 Sep 06 06:23:30 pm
It's holiday season, the price change makes it official

As of Tuesday(9-19-06) there will be a price change, sorry out of my hands. The anticipated cost for the 4gb will be $157.99, the 2gb $137.99. I guess the price change is because of the holidays. US pricing.

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19 Sep 06 12:22:44 am
Is that the new style Ipods you have priced? I've seen them for that price on apple.com.

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20 Sep 06 12:20:52 am
Where can yo buy an ipod nano 2gb for $137?

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20 Sep 06 03:22:16 am
Where can yo buy an ipod nano 2gb for $137?

The 2GB is only $149 directly from Apple right now, and with free shipping. With the models released and the new pricing, this thread is out of date, at least for the 2GB model.

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24 Sep 06 08:36:14 pm
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25 Sep 06 01:48:28 pm
Any1 contacted the above? Any good. let us all know.


ben :lol:


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