iPods and Cell Phones!!!.... C'mon people!! wake up!

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8 Jun 06 02:17:56 am
Ok. I have noticed many many post on many different forums in many different countries of people looking for Ipods and Cell Phones.

My $0.02..
!!YOU WON'T MAKE ANY MONEY!! Well not entirely true but it will take a lot more work to make a little selling Ipods & Cellphones.

The thing is that EVERYONE is looking for Ipods and cellphones which means everyone is selling ipods and cellphones which means there is much much more competition which means prices go lower and lower and margins start to disappear very quickly.

So my question is why spend your time looking for ipod and cellphone deals when the market for that stuff (ipods more than cellphones) is extremely over saturated!

You can spend less time sourcing other products for other markets which have better margins and much higher sales rates. Your time is valuable so use it where you're going to get the most results.

Try this.... go on ebay and search for ipod or ipod accessories or whatever. Now look at the completed items. Anything green sold, red not sold. Now notice how many things sold and what the price was and compare that to your best ipod supplier.... I know you will notice that A. a lot more ipod things have not sold then sold. and B not much profit.

Now look at something like baby strollers. Look at completed items.... You should see a lot more green items there! Also look at the prices. High average selling price and higher sales rate. And when you figure the cost of say a jogging stroller would be around $50 - $60 and they sell on ebay for anywhere from $100 to $500 you can clearly see which market would be more profitable for you.

Find these niche markets and pounce on them!

'If everyone jumped off a cliff to their death, would you?'

'Work smarter not harder'

My $0.02

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8 Jun 06 02:46:05 am
Okies, I've heard this for a while now and while I do agree that ebay isnt exactly the best way to make a killing on Ipods, I want everyone to know that you still can make a killing. Break things down to a simpler form, not the stressful form. Example:

1.) Why sell Ipods on ebay? Answer: To Find a BUYER.

2.) Why look for dropshippers and suppliers? Answer: To Find a SELLER.

3.) Why are you buying for yourself then reselling? Answer: I have no idea.....at least not in the high priced industry of Ipods. Maybe its your sense of control. I dunno. Tip: Use other people's money to make you money.

You end goal is to get product A from the seller to the buyer and make a profit. Why have yourself as yet another seller handling the goods? Why not find a seller for product A for a good price, then find a buyer for product A that is a Company who has the moola. Then you arrange for a small cut for yourself (contracts must havem or ull get screwed) everytime they do a transaction and BAM. Consistant income per month. If you want more info, lemme know, I'd be more than happy to tell you what I am doing, I dont care about the competition, there are plenty of companies out there and I can do this with more than just dinky Ipods. I just want people to be successful. Man this should be a sticky...Ill post this up in a new post as well.


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8 Jun 06 11:24:52 am
The baby stroller idea sounds great except I cant easily ship an item that BIG! Ipods and cell phones are so small and easy to ship. We like small expensive items. any ideas for that?

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8 Jun 06 11:31:40 am
Yes Benjamin, There is tons of money to be made. The number one problem with most sellers is POOR customer service. If a buyer has a great experience with you, they will tell thier friends. And you will get more business no matter how many others are offering the same items even at lower prices. You would be shocked at how pitiful the customer service is now. I'm telling you, it's 95% of the game. People just don't get it. I have had people pay more than they should for items because A) I treat them with respect, B) I am an honest Seller and C) I over communicate with them so they know every step of the process!

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8 Jun 06 02:45:11 pm
I wish the seller I'm still battling with did things the way you do... I agree, customer service is key. Communication is the biggest part of customer service. Answering calls, emails etc in a timely manner is what makes the customers feel appreciated.


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