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Kingston usb from dhgate - Are they authentic?

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31 Jan 11 01:22:23 pm
hi there, i've just bought a some kingston usb flash drives from dhgate and i was wondering if anyone has had any luck with them? also what are the chances they are the real thing?

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31 Jan 11 09:07:01 pm
Hi r.b.i.,

Honestly, I doubt the Kingston USB flash drives you bought are anywhere near authentic. We have always advised our members to avoid buying (at all cost!) anything branded from any Chinese supplier - 9 out of 10 times you'll end up getting copies/fakes.

You might find this insightful, have a read -

Link hidden: Login to view

Plus there are supplier suggestions for real and authentic usb/memory card suppliers on that thread above (the last post).

Cheers :)


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1 Feb 11 12:01:31 am
Hi r.b.i.,

In addition to the supplier list from the link given by Richelle, these suppliers have the Kingston USB flash drives -

Link hidden: Login to view

Link hidden: Login to view

Link hidden: Login to view

Cheers! :)

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1 Feb 11 01:09:58 am
I think Richelle will be right on the money with her advice, very little chance they will be authentic, and even less of a chance that they will even be of decent quality to be honest.

Really, the easiest way to tell is by the price you paid because when it comes to buying branded items from China there is rarely a good cheap deal available!

Another way to tell is to look at what other products the supplier was selling, if they have branded products all over the place, then you can guarantee those drives are fake.

Mark (fudjj)

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2 Jan 12 03:26:44 am
Definitely stay away from usb/sd flash drives from china (dhgate/alibaba), branded or not, most will be of low quality, mislabeled, and "upgraded" (2gb flash that shows 16gb-32gb/etc).

It will also be hard to find a decent price as manufacturing of hdd/flash done mainly in thailand, was hit hard by the flooding a few months back, prices have not recovered yet, the margin is quite thin for profit on these items, just check authorized wholesaler/distributors against ebay sold items.

I could be wrong about flash being effected by those floods, but the rise in price of authentic items for flash & hdd's seems concurrent.

I would suggest waiting a few months before you make a buy.

unless ofcourse you find a nice liquidation lot. :-D

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