Korean or Japanese Contact Lens Supplier needed

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17 Aug 07 01:04:17 am
Hi, I'm member at Salehoo for about a week. I've read many many topic for study how could I do about this business. Now I interesting in one business. I need to sell contact lens but these lens must be from Korea or Japan because in Thailand our people are crazy about Korean and Japanese star. So can anyone help me find out the wholesaler or liquidator.

Thank you very much. :o

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18 Aug 07 06:34:30 am
Hmm can you send me a link to the actuall products. It would help me in searching for suppliers If I knew more about what Im looking for.

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18 Aug 07 08:11:41 am
Probably a crazy idea, but I know that a lot of Japanese gear gets moved through Yahoo auctions. Who knows, maybe you could find a clue there from some supllier that could lead you in the right direction.

Mark (fudjj)

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20 Aug 07 03:54:01 am
Thanks Jimmy & fudjj

The contact lens brands that very famous in Thailand now are
Clearvue Big Eyes
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Ideal color black & brown circle (I don't know the link)
Bescon 2
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If I can paid by paypal too would be great. I'm seller good from Thailand in Ebay and I don't need to withdraw money direct to my bank in Thailand. Paypal currency converter are very very awful (currency exchange for 1US = about 34 THB but paypal currency exchange 1US = 28 THB!!!). So I need to pay by paypal and received items to sell in Thailand.

And I just fount this site, they told that they are bulk seller for contact lens but I think their web is not reliable. Link hidden: Login to view

I just go to Yahoo auction. It's said that now Yahoo auction for US and CA are closed.

Thank you very much.

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8 Sep 07 04:22:07 pm
I am a member from Japan and I am a Yahoo Auction Japan's seller.

If anyone need any products from Japan, I might able to help you out...




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