Looking For a Supplier that sells Iphones

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18 Nov 09 02:51:13 pm
I'm looking for a good supplier, that will sell me iphones at a real wholesale price. I only want to deal with suppliers from the U.S.A

If any of you know of a good supplier in the U.S Please let me know


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18 Nov 09 04:27:44 pm

Unfortunately you will have to sell apple products in high volumes and you really can only buy iphones at a good price by going through apple direct but they have a stiff requirement for this. And don't try going through one of those china suppliers because they are fakes. There are several different posts on this topic in the forum, Try the search and you will see alot of others trying this.

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18 Nov 09 09:47:26 pm
Hi Tony,

Just to confirm the point Don has made. You are able to purchase these products from Apple in the US, but you need to have a buying volume of around $100,000 as I understand it.

Even if you did buy in those sorts of numbers, iphones don't have a massive mark-up on them anyway, and what mark-up is on them is then cut to the bone with competition.

Popular product, absolutely....still one of the hottest sellers on the market, but you need some serious resources if that is a market you want to play in unfortunately.

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