Looking for a trusted laptop seller from China

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18 Jul 07 07:09:15 am
Hi all,

Has anyone had experience with a laptop wholesaler from China?
I'm more interestd in selling Apple laptops but would like to sell pc as well.

I've had a whole heap of Chinese traders contact me since signing up with MK enterprize but the prices seem to good to be true, everyone warns you away from doing business with China, about how to pay them, and all the scams, so I was just wondering if anyone had successfully traded with a chinese laptop wholesaler and if so would you be kind enough to forward me a link. :D

By the way I'm in Australia, so any Auzzie laptop links are appreciated too.
Webb Worx

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21 Aug 07 06:40:28 pm
The laptops are much more expensive than in US. So be careful if you see some good deals from a Chinese laptop seller.

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21 Aug 07 11:47:42 pm
I have about 100 australia-specific wholesalers on my personal list,(actually my baby sister compiled it for me-she lives in perth)however I saw hardly any wholesalers that sell computers, all I found was one company that sells television and audio gear..

I do have lots of contacts for leather goods, jewelry, australian soaps, coffee,cosmetics, general merchandise and stuff like that..If you need anything along those lines or another specific item, let me know and I'll try to find a wholesaler in AU for you...

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4 Aug 08 03:54:38 am
Try MK Enterprise. Here is there link...Link hidden: Login to view

Their products are genuine brand names and they have a range of Apple as well as PC brands.

Good luck with your ventures :)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view


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