Looking for brand new releases just out, in pack

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28 Dec 06 03:46:24 pm
I ran into someone who has Pirates of the Carribean, and Wickerman just came out in the plastic for $10.00 a piece and she get it wholesale! Ive looked and I dont know anyone who can get it like that! Are there any source's like that out there let me know?
ps... no region 9 or bootleg dvd's this person has legit. And has anyone ordered from low prices for you.com? and tried any of there dvd's?

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28 Dec 06 08:22:46 pm
Please check out these suppliers for DVD's

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31 Dec 06 02:41:17 am
yeah i was wondering about lowprices foryou as well.

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31 Dec 06 04:25:39 am
I seriously doubt that those sealed movies are legit. Ive been selling movies for a long time and I have never come across Sealed New Releases that were legit for that price. Its possible that they are stolen or have been previously viewed and resealed.

Wal-Mart cant even get them that cheap.

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