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21 Sep 09 11:34:20 am
Hello all.

I joined SaleHoo hoping to find some new contacts for cheap toys and novelties to add to my market stall. I currently use Silly Billys fun store, Sunrise Imports from Australia and DX and FP from Hong Kong.
Most of the items I sell are items that cost $2 or less with a few at a higher cost. Rubber guns, silly string, wall crawling bugs, toys that expand in water, laser pointers etc, should give you an idea of the sort of thing I sell.

I am always looking to add variety to what I sell and have seen things at sites such as Hi-point and Abonmarche that are not at the others I deal with. Abonmarche never responded to emails and Hi-point would not give me a price list until I had an order of $300+ first, money was not a concern but it is very hard to make an order when you cannot make an informed decision based on price first.

Variety of items is important but so is reasonable postage rates, hence so far limiting myself to Australia and the couple of Hongkong sites.

So far SaleHoo has provided me less than I could find myself within half an hour on Google.

Have I already found the best available sites? Was the money spent on this site in vain? Are there other sites internationally that offer cheap shipping (ie. 4kgs of goods from Hongkong for around $30USD)

Hope you can help.


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16 Oct 09 12:06:40 am
Hi Squidmittens,

Welcome to the site!

Everyone who is into e-commerce is looking for the best suppliers. But 'best' is quite subject, what you may consider the best may not be for another. So if you're asking if you have already found the best available sites, maybe you have but that is based on your needs.

I wouldn't say that your money in joining SaleHoo was spent in vain. We go beyond just providing you a list of suppliers. If you haven't noticed, we have a community with real people ready to help out each other. Maybe this post may enlighten you:

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Also, I located a few suppliers with good ratings/feedbacks, please check them out. Although I'm not quite sure about their shipping arrangements but may I suggest inquiring with them directly, it may be worth your while.

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Hope this helps. Cheers :)


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