Looking for children's clothing wholesalers

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15 Aug 06 09:11:36 pm
I am looking to start a new business. Does anybody know good sellers in children's designer clothing. Especially Gymboree. I would greatly appreciate a response.

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18 Aug 06 11:18:53 pm
I dont know of a website, but i noticed you are in the U.S. just a little heads up on this one.....If you have a Gymboree Outlet near you they will sell the clearance items to you atthe end of the month.

Thats a start on getting items in bulk to have a supply on demand. Just go to the store and speak with the manager. I'm sure they can work something out. What do you have to lose? They can either say yes or no.

Thank goodness the store near me told me about this when I was there shopping for my little on.

Hope this helps. Happy Sales.

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23 Aug 06 01:40:58 am
Yea, I never could find anyone to sell Gymboree to me wholesale. I had to shop at their store, and I never did get the deals I wanted. They were always selling it cheaper online?

I emailed one lady on eBay one time, and she told me she had so many coupons, or some sort of tickets saved up that she could buy the outfits at a lower cost - plus she resold her children's items?

My personal opinion, I just could never do well on Gymboree...

Have you tried:

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I've purchased from them and they are great!

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8 Oct 06 04:22:40 am
hey carous09, i've been checking out yahoo. theres heaps of websites there for you to check out. because its not my item i didnt go into them. not sure of what ur after but heaps of kids urban wear wholesalers. good luck

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1 Sep 08 02:04:18 am
Have a look at this site...
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They are currently unrated so be aware of this if you decide to order from them.

Best of luck :)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view


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