Looking for Obagi Clenziderm supplier

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29 Dec 11 08:11:57 am
Please help me find supplier for Obagi products ecpecially the Obagi Clenziderm line, thanks.

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30 Dec 11 07:01:18 am
Hi babydoll85,

This supplier has the Obagi Clenziderm -

Link hidden: Login to view

Cheers! :)


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31 Dec 11 01:17:58 am
I appreciate your help Irene but I seen that website before but its waayyyy too expensive and I will only lose money dealing with them, where are the real wholesale prices at?? I am getting so frustrated and I feel like giving up because I swear everytime I find a good product off terapeak its either I cant find where to get it from or if I do they require you to buy in large quantities, I just dont know what to do anymore :(

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1 Jan 12 08:42:42 pm
Try to consider that there are several metrics to secondary markets:

Price Obviously, how much you're paying per unit

Quality The condition of the units -- new/perfect, inspected returns, refurbished, incomplete/damaged etc.

Quantity How many you have to purchase to get the wholesale price

Demand How rapidly are you going to be able to realistically expect to move the product?

Duplicability Can you get more after these are sold out?

If you were to prioritise these five variables on a scale of 1 to 10, you'd naturally weight most of them close to 10. But in reality, you only have 25-30 "points" to spread around out of an ideal value of 50. The lower the price, the greater concessions you're likely to have to make on quality, MOQ and duplicability. Get the MOQ down to 1 (or to 0 in the case of dropshipping) and you're most likely going to sacrifice cost and quality. Get the duplicability perfect -- ie. some hot selling product for which you have a reliable, bottomless source -- and you'll probably have to make concessions on price, quality and MOQ.

It's just an unfortunate fact of life. Any "perfect 10 supplier" has no reason in the universe to sell to you at wholesale, since it could make massively more selling directly to the public.

This is not meant to be discouraging (my standard disclaimer when I post stuff like this!) I'm just saying that you have to get a feel for the markets for the products you're trying to sell. Especially when selling on eBay, where virtually everything sells for well under retail and many volume sellers are doing the same thing that the big retailers do -- sell next to zero markup in order to gain repeat customers and make their profits on volume.


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