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24 Sep 14 11:17:13 am
In my search here I haven't come across a wholesaler that wholesales Philosophy. I've also looked for new Coach, Dooney&Bourke, Ck, cole Haan, etc purses. It seems most of your wholesalers in the search list sell used or returned items not new. I believe Doba is a competitor of Salehoo. I've checked their site but have not signed up yet. It seems they have the contacts for what I'm looking for. Can you guys offer me any help on finding wholesalers that actually sell the products I'm looking for or should I sign up with Doba? Thanks!

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26 Sep 14 02:21:27 am
Hello Anell,

It would be entirely up to you if you decide to sign up with either directories for dropshipping.
The bigger question that we would like to pose is perhaps how genuine are these items if they claim to be selling brand new authentic items in bulk?

There is no actual wholesale for new items for high end brands such as mentioned. Apparently, if you would like to invest in products on a wholesale rate, you can't find it. It would either be item quantity is controlled (as such is the case with Coach) or the items would be from last season or returns.

The only way to legitimately source high end merchandise is to use liquidators.

These brands often offer its merchandize via approved retail outlets, factory stores, official catalogs, authorized departments stores and their websites, duty free locations, and official internet website.

You may want to try these companies for the products you are looking for:

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Link hidden: Login to view

Do make a thorough check of the inventory before you place a bid though, and inspect the pallet or lot in person if possible.

Using liquidators is a different ball game to sourcing from wholesalers, as the product can be in a wide variety of conditions. You also need to have a significant amount of money to invest to purchase a set or quantity.

Hope this clarifies.

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1 Dec 14 11:39:31 pm
Yeah, what Rachel said. Luxury brands control their sales channels, and you can only get the products direct from the manufacturer. They only sell in their own company stores or maybe a place like Macy's. You are SOL unless you have millions or wish to sell counterfeits.


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