Looking for reptile figurine dropshippers or wholesalers?

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2 Apr 08 12:08:17 am
Anyone know anything about International Wholesale and Drop shippers corp.? :D It would be greatly appreciated. I'm kinda new at all this. Thanks

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2 Apr 08 11:50:02 pm
Well, I'll say one thing....it a weird site...That being said,,they mainly use paypal for payments, so your money should be covered..Plus you don't have to use their dropship, you can buy the items wholesale and do your own shipping, which would be alot safer than dropshipping...Although if you are operating one of their websites, then it's supposed to be linked to stop a sale if there are out of site.....

I would suggest if you are going to sell that type of item to research it abit and see exactly how well and at what price the reptile figurines are selling for before you buy anything...Do a completed listing check on ebay...(it's located on the 'sitemap' page in the first column about halfway down....

IF the items are selling well and at a cost higher that what you can get them for on IWDS then it might be worth a go...They definatly seem to have some nitche items.....

But I would still suggest that if you do buy from them to use the wholesale buying method, as they have low minimums. If you bid on their auctions them there is a $1.65 charge added to the closing cost of every successful auction....


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