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14 May 12 09:45:57 am
As a fashion jewelry wholesaler, many buyers are asking us the follwing: Where to source fashion jewelry in China? Where are most costume jewelry distributor located? Where can I find bulk cheap jewelry? We want to share the information about major fashion jewelry wholesale market in China. Even if you don't visit by person, you could judge the suppliers you found online is located within the major market or not.

Guangzhou and Yiwu are two top major places for wholesale fashion jewelry in Chin., And though these places are easily accessible from any part of China, Guangzhou is easily accessible from Hong Kong while Yiwu is extremely close to Shanghai. So foreigners who have rented accommodation or are staying in hotels can find these places to be easily accessible.

Yantai is yet another notable area for wholesale fashion jewelry and is located in the southern coast of Bohai Sea. The place specializes mainly in platinum jewelry, gold, silver, gems and more - you name it they have it! Its Zhaoyuan Gold Jewelry Market is the place to be as they have some of the most exquisite collections and distinctive designs that make make you go crazy over it.

Why is Guangzhou famous for wholesale jewelry in China? Guangzhou being the largest city and the capital province is one of the major hubs for wholesale jewelry and caters to the entire world. The place is best known for its wholesale jewelry and features three main jewelry markets that gives this place's definition.

If you have a chance to hunt for your wholesale jewelry in China - Liwan Plaza, Hua Lin Si Jewellery Market and Xijiao Jewelry Market other three places that needs to be visited. Which is the best among the three? Well, that is a difficult question to answer because all these places are distinctively special for their wholesale jewelry in China. For instance, Liwan Plaza is one of the largest wholesale jewelry markets in the capital with close to more than 2000 small jewelry merchants and wholesalers. The place is extremely affordable, provided that you have a little negotiation skills that might come handy with certain dealers. The place is covered with merchants that sell precious stones, silver jewelry, gold and lots more. The best part about this places that you can check the jewelry and even takes some along with you for ordering larger quantities. Same case you need shipping arrangements that can be easily done by several freight forwarders and several On-site brokers.

In short the place is the great wholesale jewelry destination in China and can be quite beneficial for small business owners or visitors who are looking for a great deal in sourcing jewelry. If you can establish a long-term relationship here - you certainly have a deal for yourself in the long run! Xijiao Jewelry Market is another wholesale jewelry destination in the capital and this one smaller when compared to Liwan Plaza. However, one should not judge the size of this place to what it can offer. The place is best known for its highly unique crystal, stainless steel, beaded and gold plated jewelry. The laces are two interconnected building with several flows that offer a fantastic collection in fashion jewelry.

With a little taste in fashion and some negotiating skills, you can find some of the best days than what your friends might have bought. Hua Lin Si Jewellery Market on the other hand is entirely different from Xijiao Jewelry Market and Liwan Plaza. What’s special here? The place is extremely quite popular for jade wholesale jewelry. So if you are passionate about jade jewelry, this is the place to be because it offers more than hundred jade shopping malls that can perhaps be divided into large range of beautiful boutiques .

If you only have time to search products online, remember those places above, if your online supplier are located in those major markets, they are more likely to supply jewelry in more variety and lower price.

ShiningStory Fashion Jewelry Wholesale

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14 May 12 11:03:04 pm
Hi ShiningStory,

We sincerely appreciate your generosity with these China "insider" info. :) I'm sure a lot of our members will have other questions about sourcing jewelry from your country and we are thrilled to have you to help us clarify some information.

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15 May 12 12:47:35 am
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Nice to have you on board as one of our new suppliers! Thanks for the helpful tips, they will come in handy for sure!

Hope to see more of you on the forum :)


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30 Dec 14 06:52:52 pm
Hello Shining Story AND SALEHOO STAFF! Thank you so much for the vast information you provided. I have been searching for over a year to find a particular company to import from but with no luck at all. Hundreds of internet searches later, I still cannot find the product I am looking for. I see that people have the exact items here in the US, all over ebay, but I cannot find where to get them from China directly. I have built a business on the items from this company here in the US, and my only option is to buy the items wholesale, from US Wholesalers. What I am looking for are bangle bracelets. Sometimes called Mobius bracelets, they are silver/rhodium plated (costume), twisted bangle bracelets that are engraved (hand-rubbed) with inspirational messages around the entire bracelet. They come on a cardboard display card, which has the Inspirational saying (that is engraved in black around the bracelet itself) printed on the card. The card is hole-punched for display purposes. Some have them charms dangling from them ("Friend", "Sister", "Mom" etc.), some are just the engraved bracelet without a charm. The display card that the bracelet is twist-wired to only has the name "FASHION LEADER" printed on the upper right hand corner and their logo in the upper left hand corner. Their logo is 2 circles overlapping each other. It seems the logo is trademarked, as there is a small "R" in a circle next to the logo. They also say "Lead Compliant" printed on the front of the card. On the back of the display card, there is a warning sticker (not for use by children 12 yrs of age and younger), a sticker with a barcode and style number below it, and the words "MADE IN CHINA". I recently found Salehoo and was so excited at the thought of finally being put in contact with the company in China that I could purchase these from, however it seems my search on Salehoo yields no results either :o( Please if any of you can help I would be forever indebted to you! I look forward to your responses as soon as possible!!!

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Hello Billy,

I'm glad that you were able to find our company to your advantage.
Please send us over a copy or photo of the product you mentioned so we can easily look for Chinese suppliers for you.
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Let me know if we can help you further.


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