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24 Jul 16 08:49:31 am
Below you can see a MFi certified lightning cable for the iPhone.
As you can see, this cable has a lightning logo printed on the front.


Does anyone know which brand or supplier this is?
Other items in the shop (other than these lightning cables) also have this logo printed on them, so I am guessing it is a brand logo.
Maybe it is custom printed on every item, but that would make the production process way too expensive.
However, I can't seem to find anything online?

Any help is really appreciated!

All the best,

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25 Jul 16 09:52:02 pm
Hi Mike.

Welcome on board. Try this link. It is just the result of a simple google search. I have never heard of this site but it might get results.Link hidden: Login to view


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25 Jul 16 10:05:29 pm
Nice tip Dale, thanks for that because I had no clue. Hope that leads you somewhere useful Mike.

Mark (fudjj)

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