Mini helicopters, micro sd cards. Suppliers?

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14 Feb 07 11:58:47 pm

I currently want to sell these items got any idea where I can buy them?

Micro Sd cards 1gb and up
Mini Helicopters
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Motorola Headset H500
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What would you all recommend for selling dvds buying brand new releases for 8.50 each or buying newer releases (2000 and up)for 3.50?

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16 Feb 07 08:19:38 am
Where are you supposedly buying brand new releases for $8.50
Ive been through many suppliers and have never even heard of such a price on a brand new release unless it is a bootleg.

Official MPAA Licensed Distributers release brand new releases of movies to us for $15.99 for a fullscreen copy and $18.99 for a Widescreen Special Edition version of the same film. And thats the same every Retailer in the United States pays for them as well.

And if your Paying $3.50 for newer releases Dont expect to make much profit unless your selling hundreds a week since Used Dvds go for the same price and you can aquire them much cheaper buy running classifieds in your local paper .

As far as your first questions You can goto Link hidden: Login to view and buy them at good prices but make sure to buy several to reduce shipping and increase profit margins.

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