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2 Oct 07 03:47:29 pm
It was recently posted here that MKE has unlocked iPhones available. Looking at them, they have an unlocked 8GB iPhone for $645 -- this is the 'wholesale' price mind you -- compared to the $399 price at the Apple store.

Given that you have to sell this phone for a profit to someone else, it is silly to pay a 60+% premium over retail for unlocking.

I contacted MKE about the unlock process, who handles it, what about the warranty etc. and they refused to give any info, saying only that it would work world-wide and that they didn't recommend trying to get it fixed by Apple ('It is customer's responsibility to make sure Apple warranty is still in effect' they say.)

This is suprising from a supplier as generally reliable as MKE.

Anyone can buy an iPhone at retail and unlock it, thereby screwing up the original warranty. Instructions to do it are all over the Internet. And you can resell those unlocked phones too ... but based on the ones I've seen moving, you can expect to get $500-550.00 if you guarantee your work. Which is way under MKE's 'wholesale' price for the same thing.

The demand for unlocked iPhones all but dictates that as soon as Apple can legally do so (ie. as soon as whatever contract they have with AT&T can be gotten out from under) they will put an unlocked iPhone on the market. Maybe worth the wait?


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5 Oct 07 12:35:21 am
its a 10 year contract i worked for at@t ALSO unless they have changed it in the last 2 mnts the contracts says NO phone will leave APPLE store or At@t stores WITHOUT A at@t contract 2 year on it. so its 399.99 plus a 2 year contract but if the iphone is unlocked. it has a virtual voicemail and the voice mail would not work UNLESS they had reprogramed it. or you call the number and enter that way (kind of anoying thogh)

edit. im sorry there is ONE way to get a iphone without contact and that is buy a PREPAY iphone. also on the warrenty IT WILL BE OUT OF WARRENTY. i have had to tell custmer that some PROGRAMS they download like nav etc sometimes void manufatures warenties. (which is rare but does happen)

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6 Oct 07 01:58:09 am
easy to unlock iphone,you could even do it with your own hands.
some chinese guy ask their american friends to send iphone with contact back to china and unlock them.

unlocked iphone retail price is 4000+ yuan in china,equals to 550 us dollars.


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