MkEnterprise iPods covered by apple worldwide warranty?

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28 May 07 08:03:01 pm
Has anyone here bought iPods from the Hong Kong based company Link hidden: Login to view ? I'm trying to figure out the warranty situation on Apple products bought from their site.

I've sent them an email asking if iPods are covered by the Apple worldwide warranty, since that would simplify customer returns, but they won't give me an upfront answer.

Has anyone had any experience with this?



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28 May 07 10:04:39 pm
They are probably not even sure of that themselves. I think thier prices are a bit high for Ipods with shipping included you might be able to get them cheaper retail.

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7 Jun 07 02:58:37 pm
I think their pracings are way too high....
I even can buy the iPods in retail price here as the same price as they are selling....


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