Mobile Phone Suppliers - Where are they?

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2 Jul 10 11:44:40 am
Hello There,

I am a new member on salehoo, and have searched far and wide looking for mobile phone(iphone,blackberry&htc) wholesalers and suppliers, but to my amasement the few prices i found are as high as retail, if not higher. I will say my experiences so far are contrary to the watchword of salehoo "over 8,000 verified supplers". Please i need help to navigate better on salehoo so as to achieve my primary objective of paying £55.01 to join.

I'll grately appreciate your assistance.

I hope to hear from you son.

Thank you.

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2 Jul 10 07:24:44 pm

I m also a new member.. I was looking like you about ipad, iphone.. Still the same 20 wholesalers.. I have more result with google.. I used the the research labs, I had a nice pdf and what else ? No links to wholesalers.. Very disappointed with SALEHOO..

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2 Jul 10 08:54:46 pm
it is not possible to be a reseller of apple products or high end products unless you have a big lump of cash to buy direct from the companies.

it is best you think of something else to sell to be honest.

the mark up on selling any electronics is small, it is best if you have little cash to use dropshipping companies.

there are too many on this site and if you are based in usa you are lucky because a large percentage of companies on this website are usa basedq.

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3 Jul 10 12:08:26 am
I agree with paul, lots of people are under the impression that electronics is a highly profitable market. Unfortunately, this simply isn't true. Electronics is actually one of the most competitive markets online. The electronics industry has always run on very low margins from wholesalers to end users and marketplaces like eBay have only tightened the margins even further.

Most electronics sell at the wholesale price or below wholesale on eBay. That's how intense the competition is.

How do these sellers make money?

Well plenty of them don't. If you checked back on some of these sellers in a couple of months time, you may well find that they are out of business. As for the others, they use some very canny sourcing and marketing tricks, which we've listed below.

The point is, the number of sellers present in the electronics market is deceiving. It's much more difficult to make money in this market than it appears.

As for Apple products, the requirements to source these wholesale are extremely high due to Apple’s desire to protect their brand value. If you want to source these items wholesale, you’ll need to fill out an application on Apple’s website and be able to meet a minimum annual purchase requirement of more than $100,000 and provide 2 business references – among other things. You can read the full requirements here:

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What are other products are you interested in? We would be glad to help you search for suitable suppliers.



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