Mobiles, Computer parts and mp4 players in Europe

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10 Sep 06 09:08:25 pm
Hello ! i have just signed in and i have to say that i am rather dissapointed.The database is very poor and i didn t find anything special in it!

Not to say about the top secret china suppliers!It s probably a joke!All those suppliers are just at a google click distance!most of them are even on the front search page!

Well, putting that aside i put my confidence in the members and hope that with their help this won t turn out in a total waste of money!

So, let s get to the bottom of the problem! I m looking for suplliers in europe of the categories in the title: mobiles, computer parts ,mp4 players!

Or methods of cheating the custom taxes for delivery from US or china! I m open to every idea.I just hope that there will be ideas!

After i ll read some suggestions i ll of course tell you what i ve found so far about these kind of suppliers!

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23 Sep 06 12:40:14 am

Don t worry!It will get better!It will take some time, but it will.:)

P.S You have a private message!Pls check it out!

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23 Sep 06 01:29:47 am
i have a very similar problem with salehoo for places in australia... either people wont ship to aus or their shipping costs are so high that it is pointless buying the items by time they get here it is alreaddy higher than what other people are selling for in australian ebay.

if any aussies know of a decent supplier for things that dosnt have a high MOQ please let me know as i really want to find somethign. thanks.

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23 Sep 06 01:32:59 am
Well Zears I thought that Australia was mnore lucky then italy.... here nobody knows the drop shipping service ( at least out of ebay) and no one give this service. For me is very hard buy and resell item in this country.

What a pity

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10 Sep 08 04:17:20 am
Have you tried this supplier?

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If not, you may like to check them out and see if they have products to suit your niche. They have a 5 star rating in the Salehoo directory, are located in the UK, have no minimum order and a resellers license is not required.

All the best.

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