My idea on how to try and get a little niche.

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1 Jun 06 04:12:10 am
Ok so I've got some things that I've been needing to do for a while now. I was planning on documenting it just to show some friends and to see how much I accomplish but just now thought hey maybe I could turn this into a product.

So what I would be doing is getting my fatass back in shape. I'm really not that fat its just I've always been extremely slender and in fantastic shape until last summer then I kept getting sick off and on for a couple months and my body just went to crap and kind of continued that way for pretty much 8-9 months the end of this upcoming September would make it roughly a year.

Now how I think this would be different than most of the garbage in the health and fitness industry is you would see me go from being an out of shape pretty much inactive guy into a fit, energetic and hopefully good looking former self.

I'd show the whole process starting from day 1 until whenever I decide I'd like to stop. I could even break it up into sections like the first 6 weeks and so on. I'd record my weekly chest, waist, arm, forearm, calf, quad and naked body weight. I'd do this on the same day each week at the same time of day to try and rule out all variables. I'd also record my workout schedule including exercise times, distances, reps and or weights respectively. I'd also record everything I eat and drink each day including any times I cheat and deviate from my diet.

Anyways the goal would be to show that a normal guy with a little motivation and research can improve themselves. That and I'd also setup a basic cookie cutter diet and workout plan for somebody who has been pretty sedentary for quite some time.

Oh and just in case you are wondering my qualifications would be Cross Country runner, son of an extremely advid runner, and friend to a host of extremely talented atheletes so I've got pretty much all the knowledge I need plus I always keep an eye out for the newest professional research none of that Men's Health abs articles BS. Oh and just in case you didn't know every health magazine that you have to pay for is BS.

Give me your comments and opinions about my idea. Also I was considering keeping a video journal as opposed to a written journal plus this would help show how I do my exercises and how I cook and eat.

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1 Jun 06 04:35:12 am
Sounds like it could be an interesting idea. At worst, as long as you follow through with it, you lose the weight, but don't end up developing a product... at best, you lose the weight around your middle and gain it in your wallet :P

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1 Jun 06 06:47:42 am
I'll lose weight but it really won't be noticeable to anyone except me and my girlfriend...well maybe my parents but only if I took my shirt off. I hide my weight really well since I've always been skinny its basically like I just filled out so my stomach is barely past my chest. Whereas usually it is way behind my chest.

I'm 5 foot 10 or 11 inches depending on the scale and weigh a lil over 190 so its not like I'm obese or anything but my fit weight is around 150-160 unless I'm doing a ton of running then I can get down to a little under 135 but its not very healthy of me and I'd really have to watch my caloric intake and basically just eat everythin in site.

Anyways if you had to buy this product what would you want it to include? I'm thinking a diet/recipe section, exercise section (broken down into types and body parts), my records (diet, exercises per week, pictures) and my journal which could consist of writing, audio, video or a combination. I could add a sort of philosophy section but I'm not really sure if I should or not. No matter what I'm going to have an introduction with why I'm doing this and what your real goals should be but I'm not sure if I should elaborate beyond that or if it would just get preachy.


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