Neckties,Belts,Cufflinks,DVDs,RC Toys-Suppliers Needed

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27 May 08 04:42:05 am
Well currently Im looking into investing in these items


NewEra Hats(hip hop hats) Some with really nice designs


Belt Buckles


Do you all think Dvd's and Video Game lots have a good return? I've seen them on eBay for years now and never actually bought one but now that I have a store I want to load it with as much stuff as I can. What do you all think? I only want to make about tops 2 dollars profit per Dvd or Game but looking into selling in volume

USB Jump Drives

'Wireless' Optical Mouse & Optical Keyboards

Micro Sd cards

Rc Toys (cars, Trucks, Helicopters, planes)

Collectable Diecast Toys
*All sizes
*All styles (Cars, trucks, farm equipment, construction, bikes, planes)

Motorola Bluetooth

Remember Im not looking for all of them just looking for prices because these are the items Im most interested so if anyone has a link to any item please send it to me thanks and have a good day

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27 May 08 12:29:33 pm
This site has tons that I have seen and used especially during the holidays. Some of them are great if you are buying bulk and others are great for drop shipping. I did and do both. You have to look at there policies. I had a great return on all of the CD, DVD companies. It also helps to see what is moving in your area as well. See what is in your market as far as saturation. The more saturation the harder it will be to move your products. I try to find a niche that no one or very few people have on the market and then explode with it. GOOD LUCK. A good product that I use is put out by eBay that searches the communities as sees what is in demand as far as specific products. called AUCTION INSPECTOR. That is not only good for eBay but for private sites. If customers cant find it on eBay for a decent price then most likely they will GOOGLE it and find you.

Don Carter

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17 Jun 15 12:59:32 pm
We carry a GREAT range of Collectable TRINKET BOXES ...check out Link hidden: Login to view

Happy to help with any of the other items ...Cufflins, Travel Accessories, Wallets, Compact Mirrors... lots of small, easy to ship options for online sales of implise/gift/collectables



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18 Jun 15 10:08:23 am
could try, not sure if they are on this site but I have dealt with them a while ago


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