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5 Aug 07 05:13:02 pm

Hi There

I'm new to salehoo and have just started looking around. I am looking for dvd suppliers that can provide new release movies at compettive price for resell on ebay. I was selling sopranos dvds and had a problem as they were from china and I did not realize that was problem. I have been selling nintendo game boy games at a great price but they are also from china and I don't want to have any problems. I want to sell phones and gaming consoloes but no luck finding supliers. I have been scammed several times with wiring money and am now leary.

Any body have any contacts? The game boys game I think are great I get them for only $5.00 and they work great but everyone in a while I get a picky ebayer who gets all huffy that the games are not 100% orginal.

Your help would be appreciated

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7 Aug 07 08:20:31 pm
Well I hate to break this to you. You wont find any wholesalers that can do this for you. You cant even find prices low enough from a distributer to help you with this.

The true wholesale price on a dvd movie is $17.99- $19.99 and even higher if the dvd is a special edition.

I myself have found that the only way to profit on a new movie release is to buy them within 2 days of thier initial relase for $14.98 at Wal-mart and post them on ebay. But the profit is the exact same as selling a used dvd.

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