Need evaluation on this video game and iPod price list

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28 Nov 07 08:30:57 pm
Right, i recently contacted a supplier. they gave me their price list (see below)just glance at them

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Console:$180usd
Sony PlayStation® 2 Console:$120usd
Sony PlayStation 2 Slimline Console:$140usd.
Sony PlayStation® 3 (60 GB) Console:$375usd.
Sony PlayStation® 3 (20 GB) Console:$275usd
Sony PlayStation® 3 (80GB) Console:$475usd
Nintendo Wii T Console:$200usd
Nintendo DS Lite Console:$220usd
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Console:$110usd
Nintendo GameCube Console:$100usd
Nintendo DS Console:$160usd
Nintendo Super NES Console:$140usd.
Nintendo Game Boy Advance Console:$120usd
Nintendo 64 Console:$85usd.
Microsoft Xbox 360T Premium Console:$230usd
Microsoft Xbox 360T Elite Console:$200usd
Microsoft Xbox Console:$195usd
Microsoft Xbox® 360 Core System Console:$220usd
Microsoft Xbox 360 Platinum Console:$150usd

Apple 80gb video ipod : $250usd
Apple 60GB video iPod : $180USD
Apple 30 GB iPod Vidoe : $130USD
Apple 4 GB iPod Mini Blue M9436LL/A : $130usd
Apple 20 GB iPod U2 Special Edition : $150usd
Apple 6 GB iPod Mini Green M9807LL/A : $130usd
Apple Ipod Nano 2GB : $140usd
Apple Ipod Nano 4GB : $180usd
Apple Ipod video 30GB : $200usd
Apple Ipod video 60GB : $220usd

now im not sure on the cost of manufacturing these items but it seems to me that they seem too low.

any help would be much appreciated


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28 Nov 07 08:57:39 pm
Some of these seem too low. What forms of payment do they accept? If it is wire transfers only then you should run and never look back!

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28 Nov 07 11:02:39 pm
Well if they did do paypal, which i think they do do. then where do i turn then? i guess i ask for (CERTIFICATE of Approval / Authentically)


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