Need help finding suppliers of Baby Signing Time Collection

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23 Oct 09 11:40:02 am
Hello everyone would someone be so kind on telling me where I can find a great supplier for DVD and use paypal as a payment option I have customers that are looking for these dvd do you know you sells them and they have to be authentic and original thx

Baby Signing Time Full Collection 33 DVDs 3 Board Books, 8 Flash Card Sets, 12 Music CDs

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27 Oct 09 03:28:58 am
Hi Chantal,

I did a search for suppliers of this product but couldn't find any that are suitable. Most suppliers that you will find online that carry these products at wholesale price are from China. This could be because they only sell it through their own website and through their authorized dealers.

You can have a look at Signing Time's Merchant Program or give them a call and see if they can offer you a good price if you buy in bulk.

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