Need Suppliers for Cell phone

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17 Jun 08 11:43:13 am

Does anyone know a good whole sale supplier for cell phones and the nokia n95, i'm looking for the real stuff and no fake stuff at all.

Thanks in advance if someone can help me out here.

Most of the suppliers website i goto on this site prices are higher then what they are selling for on ebay. So i need a true wholesaler.

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6 Jul 08 11:28:25 pm
what s your target prices for nokia n95 8gb and how many pieces u want?

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14 Jul 08 04:06:14 am
Check out MK Enterprise:
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They have a 4 star rating in the directory. Salehoo have purchased from them many times and found they have top quality name brand products as well as great international service. They do stock the Nokia N95.

Good Luck :)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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21 Jul 08 09:17:11 pm
I buy from, just a tip though: email them at Link hidden: Login to view to get the best prices, that is what I do ;)

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22 Jul 08 10:50:36 am
Thanks everyone for replying. Do you guys think a true wholesaler can sell these cell phones for half the price from retail?

I have a guy that can do this, but I have a funny feeling he could be selling stolen stuff. I check out his products and they are real stuff, but from everything i read on here, electronics are very small profits.

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22 Jul 08 06:57:32 pm
Please note that a wholesale price is very different for electronic Items. If your buying wholesale electronics the wholesale reduction can only be a few dollars.

If your trying to sell electronics on ebay and your not already established I would advise you to steer clear from this area as liquidators already dominate ebay in electronics by buying the products at liquidated prices.

Now wholesale prices for house hold products can be as much as 50% below retail. So this would be a better market for you to sell in.

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