Need to find good suppliers of iPods with profitable prices

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9 Dec 07 05:01:01 pm
Hi, I need help! I cant seem to find any good suppliers that offers a profitable price... example, i am looking for ipod 160gb classic black, the supplier sells it at $349.99, i go down to ebay and the highest price for 'Buy it now' a brand new ipod 160gb classic black is selling only for $341.99, how can anyone profit from prices like this? Or does anyone ever does profit from getting items from any of the suppliers? Seems like most of the items i have looked for are all more expensive then the ones selling on ebay...I need some advice...

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10 Dec 07 03:13:20 am
Congradulations this is the way of the wholesale market. Sometimes you can find some good deals but most of the time , if your buying wholesale to sell on ebay it can be a lost cause. Especially if your sinking into a heavily saturated market like Ipods. Lemme give you a bit of advise. Stay away from high end electronics. I know many sellers that sell ipods, xbox 360's and other high demand items. Yes they sell fast, But those sellers generally only make a few bucks on them. You can find tons of other items you can buy in bulk below wholesale and turn around for much better profits.

If you have money to spend on ipods then why dont you put that money into buying pallets of overstocks and liquidated merchandise you can get for pennys on the dollar rather then wholesale.

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