Need U.K members to form a wii fit group

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22 Sep 08 09:51:09 pm
not a social wii fit group, a buying group, inevitably these are Christmas's sort after product, I have a source to buy them however cannot afford to buy in the bulk they ask! If anyone is interested you can email me at Link hidden: Login to view

thank you

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22 Sep 08 11:38:37 pm
Having been a member here for a while now I have seen many of these ideas floated, and while they always get some attention they very rarely succeed.

A buyers group always sounds great, and on the surface it's an excellent idea to source volume at the right price, but most don't look a little further down the distribution road.

Lets say you get ten members putting in cash, how would they share in the profits?

If you are going to give each participant an equal amount of consoles then you need to consider what avenues each will be selling through. Of course what usually happens is that everyone wants to sell through ebay, and they can't be blamed because it's the most obvious.

What would of course happen in this situation is that you all become competitors against each other because you are all trying to make the most from your unit sales.

What is the one thing competition does?

It reduces margin because the market heats up due to over supply!

End result, the savings you made by all grouping together could quite easily be lost in the distribution, and possibly more if you get desperate to clear stock.

Like I said, seen a lot of ideas along this line of thought where this type of issue is never considered. Having said that, I love hearing of new ideas in this place, I just hope if you get something going that you all cover the bases where others haven't in the past.

Good luck

Mark (fudjj)

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