Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation, Xbox 360 - Suppliers Needed

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29 Jun 10 06:12:32 pm
I am looking for reliable suppliers, been scammed to many times in China and tired of none original products coming back via EBay or my own website below.
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1 Jul 10 03:24:29 am
Hi Alnwakelintrading,

Glad to see you here!

These suppliers may have what you’re looking for. I filtered my search to those who can send internationally.

Link hidden: Login to view (Singapore)
Link hidden: Login to view (UK)
Link hidden: Login to view (Hong Kong)
Link hidden: Login to view (Hong Kong)
Link hidden: Login to view (USA based, a dropshipper)

I also would like to share with you that lots of people are under the impression that electronics is a highly profitable market. Unfortunately, this simply isn't true. Electronics is actually one of the most competitive markets online. The electronics industry has always run on very low margins from wholesalers to end users and marketplaces like eBay have only tightened the margins even further.

Most electronics sell at the wholesale price or below wholesale on eBay. That's how intense the competition is.

How do these sellers make money? Well plenty of them don't. If you checked back on some of these sellers in a couple of months time, you may well find that they are out of business. As for the others, they use some very canny sourcing and marketing tricks, which we've listed below.

The point is, the number of sellers present in the electronics market is deceiving. It's much more difficult to make money in this market than it appears.

We have some suggestions for how you can make money in electronics, but first, is there any particular reason why you wish to sell in this market? While we don't wish to discourage you completely, a lot of people find electronics much tougher than they thought, and we think it's only fair to warn you!

There are plenty of other excellent items to sell online that return higher margins and we are happy to give you some suggestions if you need them.

If you do wish to stick with the electronics industry, then here is what we suggest:

* Use liquidation suppliers to get bulk lots at prices well below wholesale.
* OR: Purchase from wholesalers in very large quantities (and when we say very large, we mean a spend of $200,000 or more) - this is how the big eBay powersellers do it.
* Increase your feedback and get powerseller status BEFORE entering the electronics market. This will give you more visibility in the search.
* Sell via your own website or your eBay store if possible, as buyers generally pay more from these venues than eBay.
* Add third-party extras and up-sells to your orders. These will help you bump up your margins to a much more acceptable level.
* Better still - consider selling accessories for electronics rather than electronics themselves. Accessories are very popular, have less competition, cost less to ship and have much greater margins.

Hope this helps. :) Have a nice day!


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4 Jul 10 05:46:38 pm
I really am happy to have received these suppliers, Playbox products page opens nothing, I have written to them to ask for the product list. I thought I would start with something I know, well, I thought I did and as such, I am shuddering to see the products offered by so called wholesalers are as or more expensive than even those currently on Ebay.
You mentioned products which have higher margins, well; obviously I would really like you to lead me along to those.
I was scammed out of $4856 two weeks ago when I bought 55” TV’s, Wii Consoles and some other products from a supplier in UK (Andrew Wing) who got me to pay it into Western union and has disappeared. I am far behind and almost starting with a minus balance, so I need to urgently make money to repay the Customers who paid me for the products.
I look forward to your reply to start looking for products to sell.

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4 Jul 10 09:25:25 pm
O boy, you've taken a savage hit there, and I'm sure we're all really sorry to hear it. What you have unfortunately experienced is a timely warning to other members about choosing safe payment options.

It may well also help others if they knew where you actually found this rotten cow to start with, but in regards to the pricing issue with the supplier you are looking at.

Are you just going buy a website price, or have you opened a line of communication up with the supplier to discuss volume. When dealing with wholesale, the first price is always the highest price because they won't know how many units you want to buy.

Talk to them, discuss volume, and perhaps your future business plans and get them onboard. Once they have some details about size of order and such, they'll be in a much better position to give you a better price.

In regards to eBay prices, it's always important to remember that eBay is a Wholesale marketplace, most prices there will already reflect that of genuine wholesale in most cases. I see a lot of people make the mistake of considering eBay a retail marketplace, and therefore there should be far better prices available allowing them to compete.

Yes, sometimes you can get prices on products that will allow you to compete, but now always. It really comes down to the sellers you are in fact going up against. Plenty of genuine wholesalers actually use eBay as a distribution channel themselves. This of course means that they are already supplying products at wholesale prices, so if you are trying to go up against them, you would need a better wholesaler or be buying in massive volume to get an edge.

Every day eBay gets a little more competitive right across the board, so as sellers, we all need to understand that this marketplace is only ever going to get harder, and while that sucks, it's just the way business is in the online world of eBay trading.

Good luck with it AWT, got my fingers crossed for you mate

Mark (fudjj)

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5 Jul 10 09:47:55 am

Thanks for the wonderful response!!

Please understand, my intention is not to say Alibaba only generates scammers, but, this is where I found this scammer and this is where I was ripped off. I sent a buying lead on Alibaba and received thousands of people trying to offer me the goods. It is hard not to resist but, this guy Andrew Wing from Insaaf sent me the company registration papers, a photo of him and it all looked so convincing, I fell for it and yes, I lost a lot of money.
I need to pick up the pieces and this is why I registered with Salehoo.
What I find is many companies advice drop shipping and wholesale, when you check the prices for 1, it is more expensive than the cheapest quote on Ebay. I hear you, communicate with the supplier, well; most of them are just like me, resellers and they say the price you see is the best they can offer.
Resellers and online retailers do not have warehouses, our intention is to broker a deal by procuring cheaply and offering it online to the world to buy and then making a profit by brokering the deal, so buying in big quantities requires capital and if you starting out, this is hectic to come by.
I thought I could start with what I know, video games and it is proving to be very tough, so I am going to have to either look for another niche or become a general wholesaler, selling anything and everything.

What is your advice?
Products to sell to make money
Suppliers to service these products
Websites, own readymade stores
B2B opportunities

Thanks Salehoo, you guys are so helpful

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