Nokia 8800 - Authenic or not?

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6 Jun 07 12:27:10 pm
hi im wondering if anyone can help me i've looking at nokia 8800 in gold on how can i find out if the item is orignal from the seller?

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6 Jun 07 09:08:43 pm
You can usually assume that anything from China is a copy. It might be a very good copy, but it is unlikely to be the real thing.


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6 Jun 07 09:12:17 pm
It will either be fake pretty much flat illegal bootleg that doesn't come with insurance, like certain movies....or it will be an authentic remake.

Unless you can find a Nokia manufacturer willing to bargain with you, that is what you may find regarding the Nokia.

However, they will be in excellent shape.

You should probably order a set in fact, if they are a great deal and include warranty plus certificate of authenticity.

If they don't have that, and if you don't know who you're dealing with then run away. Run far, far away as many of the items so called 'advertised' are illegal and that's why its sold out there or wherever they can get away with selling them.


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