Nokia N95 - Two different versions?

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17 Sep 07 03:43:23 pm

Can anyone please tell me more about the differences between the two? Which is fake and which is original?

I`ve seen and read enough of these two versions, particularly the features. I even scammed (give payment, no product)having this product for resale. But that`s another story. Anyway, when i come across to checking the description, there are some missing features and the price is way below to the ORIGINAL.

As they say, Nokia made in Finland is more popular compare to made by Nokia (Hongkong), But what bugs me the most is the pricing, how can they go low ($230-$250) when the real sells at $585 +-, is it OEM or replica? Can i rely to the durability and quality of the product. They even tell that the unit is carl zeiss optic but how was the picture clarity? Please tell me more before i fall again. Many thanks.

june4kids :?


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18 Sep 07 12:52:02 am
You might try this link:
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Theres alot of talk on the net about the new n95. To be certain, the real phones are from finland...that's were the corporate offices are and where the real phones come from...

They say that on some of the n95 clones, other than the pricing, that one dead give away is that there is a dash (-) between the n and the 95. (N-95) also there are some differences on how the screen works..But from what I read on several sites the real phones are from finland..

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18 Sep 07 08:24:16 pm
10Q gulfy13, if the real nokia n95 comes from finland (i know this but just confirming), how come some of the suppliers from helsinki i converse with, can lower the price down to $200++--?

And they say: all original, unlocked, sim-free, NIB ETC. ECT., they even showed the side by side view of the phone and the rear view is also the real one ( the fake one have this #3 like speaker close to camera lens). The supplier i inquire with comes from finland and i bet they are for real (how i wish).

Advise me more guys.

Thanks. june4kids. :D


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