NZ/Australia based video game wholesalers needed

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5 Jul 10 12:58:51 pm
Hi all, I'm looking for video game wholesalers based down under, I live in NZ and I am currently selling video games online. My main supplier is based in the UK and while their prices are great, I'm paying a fair amount for shipping because of the distance. I've looked through SaleHoo's directory of wholesale suppliers and I can't find any who are based in NZ or Aus, does anybody know of any wholesale suppliers of video games in these countries?

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6 Jul 10 05:20:11 pm
Hi $dan$,

You're right, there's no Australia and New Zealand based video games suppliers in the SaleHoo directory, yet. I tried to search further out of our database and found this - (Australia) Link hidden: Login to view

In the lower part left side you will see the tab video games and they have quite a wide inventory of XBox /PSP/Playstation /PC games! You need to email them first for orders of 50 units above. They have been around since 1987, and can accept Paypal and major credit cards. Upon verification this supplier may be a good addition to Salehoo.

At this point though I will have to say that we cannot guarantee the safety of any suppliers outside SaleHoo.

PS. If you're looking for the most popular video games, the Australian government has a real strict classification (censorship) system that makes most of the 'more violent' games unavailable. - Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps! Have a nice day!


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7 Jul 10 11:22:02 pm
Hi $dan$

don't know if this is a option for you to consider but we have seen more of our international resellers selling game titles as "cd in a sleeve" and maybe cd bundled with a manual. In order to cut down on shipping costs we have taken the discs out of the retail package and put them into sleeves before shipping to our resellers. On many of the PC game titles we carry, the publisher puts the manual on the disc so all that is in the box is the disc anyway. You can get alot of product packed into a small box if it is shipped like that. As long as you are clearly advertising your product as a cd in a sleeve, then the customer will know exactly what they are getting. Shipping cost to your customer will be cheaper also.

Thank you,

Rich Moser
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27 Sep 12 03:53:02 am
hi all
iam looking for a video game & accessory supplier any good websites?


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