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Offer from ebay powerseller John Thornhill

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7 Aug 07 04:00:02 pm
Like many of you, today I received an email from salehoo regarding the offer from ebay powerseller, John Thornhill and was wondering if anyone has had any experience in selling e-books. The offer appears quite wonderful, but I'd like to hear from some folks who may have tried it. Has anyone given e-books a try? SaleHoo obviously gives their blessing on this offer since the email came directly from SaleHoo. It would still be great to hear from anyone who has had personal experience. Thanks so much for your feedback

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7 Aug 07 07:21:54 pm
Yes, I sell around $2,000 of Ebooks per month on Ebay and online (I make more off Ebay!) I too am a Powerseller, no doubt hes going to use his list and your idea?

Anyone doing this be careful as even I have fallen foul - I mean I did a Joint Venture with a Know 'Warrior' on the Warrior Forum a well known Information Product site, however I was stupid enough to give the download site to someone who wanted to do a JV, after 2 days I noticed that 15 people had downloaded the product and the Warrior had told me only 3 sold at $20 each...so I then put a password on the file - so anyone buying it would have to have the password to open it - leaving the Warrior with Egg on his face.

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8 Aug 07 09:04:14 am
grahamg what kinda of e-books do you sell..I want ebooks on Finance,Buiness,Management etc do you have?

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17 Aug 07 10:17:29 pm
I am giving ebooks a try also, and will let you know how it goes :)

As far as John Thornhill and his PlanetSMS package. It could be good, but 50% of the links on his web site are broken! Thus, if you try to download any of the so called 9000 ebooks, none of the links work. Same thing with all the auction templates, website templates, etc., under their template section. I have contacted them 3 times with absolutely no response!

I am sure there are more areas not working.

Either way, if they are going to advertise on here and SaleHOO is recommending them, then he should at least have an updated website!

Don't spend your money on his special offer. It is a waste until he gets his web site brought up to date.

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23 Aug 07 11:50:36 pm
I almost spent my $$$ thanks for saving me some money LARS!

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29 Aug 07 08:11:54 am
Don't waste your time on this. The website is poorly designed and a rushed quick memory.

Selling e-Books can be fine as long as you list them as information products- everything else only.

That is the only category e-Books are permitted. You should probably start off selling an assortment of small books you already own, have the download link etc. , and make sure its password protected so it isn't ripped off everywhere else.

Don't do anything with Mr. Thornhill, I highly recommend that.

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17 Jul 08 12:18:46 pm
I notice that the last posting was nearly one year ago - has anyone else had any recent dealings with John Thornhill and planetsm

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22 Aug 08 01:23:21 am
you cannot sell ebooks on ebay, you can advertise in the ebay classfieds.

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22 Aug 08 07:46:04 am
you cannot sell ebooks on ebay, you can advertise in the ebay classfieds.

You can sell ebooks on eBay. You just have to sell them on a cd and physically deliver them. They just do not allow digital delivery anymore.

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27 Sep 08 04:00:58 am
Could you suggest an ebook supplier elsewhere?
what about selling and ebook that I have written? do you know where I can get infromation on how to do that?

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6 Oct 08 10:39:42 am
I am new to all this, too, but have been doing a nit of searching. Seems that there is a heck of a lot of information being sold on the net - the challenge is driving traffic to it. If I understand. The about me page on Ebay is where you can get the word out but not exactly sure how that's done. Am working on it. Have become a bit passionite about this!! I am bound and determined to make this happen for me. There are a lot of ebook suppliers, only a few I have found to be decent though. I also have just acquired a piece 'How to write your own ebook' Want a copy?

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7 Dec 08 10:18:43 pm
I am new to all this, too, but have been doing a lot of research on making it work. Also I am getting a some positive bias on the Skip McGarth eBooks.
Has anyone tried his program or have some good insight into his offered eBooks program. Here is the link:

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24 Apr 09 08:44:57 pm
I've been with PlanetSMS a long time. Did not really make any money with their ebooks anyway. I lost lotta money on ebay listing fees and other suggestion they gave. The idea of 90 days ebay powerseller is no longer work because you will get banned from ebay for feedback extortions.

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26 Apr 09 03:48:06 am
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You will save a ton of money simply signing-up for Terapeak and doing your own research.

Anything Skippy can tell you can find out for yourself. He is simply a mouth piece for Ebay

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