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Office furniture or computer and lap top parts?

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11 Nov 07 08:44:48 pm
hi i want to start importing goods from china to the united kingdom and have got a few ideas just wanted your opinions to see if it is worth importing and which one you recommend i heard office furniture is good to import what about computer and laptop parts? which one would you say or neither of them and what would you recommend to import?

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11 Nov 07 10:07:14 pm
Hi nxtman_81

Both sound good, but you need to be sure that
(a) there is a market for these specific items
(b) that once you take all your expenses into account (shipping, customs duties), you will still make a profit.

What I mean by (a) is really - what is going to be your unique selling point? Are you going to compete on price? Range of styles? By offering a packaged deal?

Good market research is utterly essential before you proceed. Make sure you contact customs and find out about import duties and compare shipping companies for the best rates.

The research that you do before you order is going to be crucial to making a great deal, whatever you decide to sell.


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12 Nov 07 08:07:31 pm
thanks for the advice ive got a few other ideas too but ofcourse ill do some research any tips on how and where to do research?

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13 Nov 07 05:42:20 pm
Not sure about the UK market, but here in the US office furniture and supplies (anything from paper clips and staples to tape to paper etc.) are best bought aftermarket in bulk. By the truck it's around 8%-12.5% of retail depending on the specific item for known quality name brand stuff -- way cheaper than you could get importing from China.

Unfortunately I have no idea if this is a viable plan in the UK.

Threads like this seem to suggest that there is a vast, untapped market for info on bulk buying in countries other than the US. One can find any number of US suppliers, discussion groups and forums and so forth with a bit of Googling, but virtually no 'authority' info sites for Canada, the UK, Oz & Kiwiland etc. to say nothing of the non-English-speaking world.

Maybe Salehoo should branch out to this, or perhaps local members work on country-specific info sites? Might be a nice source of affiliate/ad revenue if nothing else.


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