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24 Feb 07 11:18:36 pm
Anyone have a good wholesaler/Dropshipper of Playstation and other video games?

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25 Feb 07 12:00:37 am
That's a tough market if you want to sell on ebay. My dropshipper is selling ps3 games for $52 plus $8 shipping and $2 dropship fee so it's cheaper to go to the store. I get ps2 games for $10-30 but they sell on ebay for $5-10.
I guess what I'm saying is think of another item to sell like playstation accessories and try to buy in bulk.
Sorry, I don't think I answered you question.

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25 Feb 07 04:33:41 am
try they sell alot of video games

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14 Mar 07 06:38:24 pm
try they sell alot of video games

their price is about the same as retails, bulk buys are roughly
$18~20 per copy..most of these titles can be found at walmart, superstore, zeller's 'bargain bin' section..yeah you get titles
like metal gear acid, and dynasty warriors...but that's like 1~2
out of 20~40 crappy titles.... i was able to pick up 6 copies of
pokemon fire/green leaf for CAD$10/copy from our local retail
store (Roger's video) they had promotion around the holidays..'n I sold them for roughly $30 per copy..


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