Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and More Designer Brands

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19 Dec 07 02:11:26 pm
Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and More Designer Brands

Anybody have read the topics posted by jimmy_salehoo, he's a salehoo staff.'Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and More Designer Brands'. From his message, it meant that there was no authentic items from those brands sold even from suppliers listed by salehoo? And if the answer is he was right? Why I have to spend money for searching a fake items!
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20 Dec 07 06:44:51 am
Yes you are correct. These items are close to impossible to find through wholesale channels. If your trying to find these items anyways you can try buying them from a liquidator. But they are few and far apart as most liquidators cant even get thier hancs on these items.

Basically the point of even considering selling these items in not worth the trouble you will have when you do get them. The big sellers that do have them have big contacts and will not reveal thier sources. And when they see a little guy trying to sell these items they will report you to ebay and your listing will be immediately closed weather or not your item is legit.

Its also well known that almost all of the sellers that do get away selling them on ebay are selling unauthorized counterfeits and this is posted widely on the web. Thus bringing the potential selling price down and again not worth the trouble.

The most profitable sales come from people that dont sell them and are just selling thier personal items.

Its just down to the facts: Do you want to try selling these items.

Do you want to compete against the people already established in this field? And do you want to risk your livelyhood if the items you do aquire are fake and you get sued for selling them?

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