PS3 or wii - are they worth selling?

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10 Dec 08 10:53:48 pm
hey , I wanted to hear your opinion about selling playstation 3 or wii on ebay. I have found that the price of a PS3 80 gb on many wholesale sites that salehoo supplies is about 400$. At first i was surprised for the good side , because it can be sold on ebay at about 600-800 $ , but then i saw that this is pretty much the price on amazon (400$) ... What do you think ? maybe you know a better wholesaler for game consoles ?

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10 Dec 08 10:58:42 pm
It depends where you have found the wholesaler, if they are US based then maybe so. There are a lot of Chinese companies that offer these sort of prices and they are all scams.

If you can make $200+ on a console, something is not right. Most people make $20 top end selling imported versions. The return is not great but if you can sell 10 a day then its worthwhile doing!


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