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16 Jan 07 04:49:37 pm
First of all ide like to say hi to every one as im new here and only signed up thismorning.

Right im after a uk based supplier for psp games dropshipping and for buying in bulk. Im also intrested in psp movies region 2

Also am i correct in thinking japanese psp's are region 2 so there for they play uk games and films? Any one know what sort of power supply they come with as im worried about buying aload and them not comming with a standard 3 pin plug lol

This is the cheapest ive found them using salehoo

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It says they come with a worldwide plug wouldnt that put uk customers off? or is this a bonus

Any way thank you for reading and i will be back to read all your comments later

Mark :D

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25 Jan 07 05:09:12 pm

I do wholesale and also dropshipping, but I'm located in Hong Kong.
the guys from the link you posted are also in HK btw.

all PSPs come with a multivolt charger which works worldwide.
japanese PSPs have a typical flat 2 pin plug.
If you'd buy from us we would provide a UK 3 pin plug adapter.
If you want any more infos feel free to mail me.


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25 Jan 07 10:22:46 pm
Well I dont know of any UK dealers off hand but one of our most popular suppliers ships to the uk from china and they have better listed prices then the supplier you noted. They boast fast shipping to the UK. And they have been reliable up to this point we have had no complaints on them.

This is the link to thier psp's but you need to do the free signup to see thier prices.

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Link hidden: Login to view by SaleHoo

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26 Jan 07 01:41:18 pm
I don't agree.
I checked MK enterprises and opened an account with them.

Their prices are even much higher than any retail shop here!
even if you buy 50 pcs!


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