Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie Genuine Polo Suppliers?

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14 Jan 07 08:32:09 pm
hi, i have been looking for a wholesaler who sells genuine ralph lauren polo tops for a while now, but i'm having little luck!! i was wondering if anyone could plaese let me know of any websites/wholesalers who sell genuine ralph lauren or abercrombie etc... tops.
i'm a little stuck here so some help would be greatly appreciated.
if you want to email me it's Link hidden: Login to view

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14 Jan 07 11:16:51 pm

Check out myservices2u.com They said in their site that all their products are Genuine. They are base on malaysia and if i remember correctly, salehoo team do recommend them as they have not heard of any complaints from this supplier. I personally want to order some items but have not ordered yet as of now but i am looking forward on ordering from them this year. You can give them a try if you want. GoodLuck!

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15 Jan 07 12:40:01 am
As far as I know they seem legit, I havent had any complaints as of yet about thier services but be mindfull when purchasing potential designer knockoffs.

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15 Jan 07 03:29:23 am
hi i'm brand new about dropshipping and wholesale, looking for a good supplier of fine sterling silver jewelry, can any one help with this? you can e mail me at Link hidden: Login to view

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20 Jan 07 07:39:05 am
With regards to RL polos, I believe that they are all fakes, except if you to go a RL outlet or a department store. In AUS, RL polos retail for up to $119.95, but can be bought on eBay for less than $40. Common sense will tell you that they are all copies.

But having said that, I've just received a large shipment of RL polos and will be listing them (from a supplier who claims to be authentic). They do sell well and some of the copies are quite good.

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30 Nov 08 10:33:25 pm
Ralph Lauren Polos can be found at the following supplier:

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They have a 5 star rating in the directory but are located in the UK and don't ship internationally. They do however, guarantee all of their products to be authentic - Quote from their site 'Are all your items authentic? Yes, we supply all of our products as authentic and will offer a full refund if you're unhappy with your purchase. Most of the items we buy come direct from the brands or their authorized distributor.'

Hope this helps :)

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