Real designer clothes - wholesaler supplier wanted

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15 Nov 10 05:12:35 am
Hi I am from Australia and have been looking for a legit clothes seller for a few months now. I made an order from apparelshowroom who are in USA and received goods was happy enough with purchase but these items didn't sell.
I now want to sell only designer and see how that goes. Can anyone please help me out??? I feel like I'm not getting anywhere for all the hard work I am putting in!
I was just about to make an order with but just before was about to started reading some bad feedback about their products, has anyone got any feedback for this company?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also if I receive fake designer clothes does this mean I can not sell them on ebay or have to state they are fake?

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15 Nov 10 06:13:09 am
Hi ally7782000. has the words 'replica' and 'knockoffs' written all over their site. You shouldn't be wasting your time with this kind of supplier if you are intent on legitimately selling authentic designer brands. High end labels like Louis Vuitton, Coach and Chanel can never be sourced from a China based supplier. If you have ordered from this site, you will be getting fake items.

When a product is produced to replicate the original item, it is a replica and is illegal to sell because it has been manufactured outside of the brand owner's licensing requirements.

On the other hand, designer inspired products are legal to sell because the designs are attempts to be merely 'inspired' by the designer's product, and they do not bear the label, and do not attempt to replicate the designer brands authentically. Without the labels, of Chanel for example, these products do not intrude applicable copyright issues.

Here are some suppliers for designer branded clothing:

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Should you get the chance to order from these suppliers, kindly share with the community how you got on by writing a review in the supplier profile page.

Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

Kind regards..


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15 Nov 10 11:29:01 pm
Also if I receive fake designer clothes does this mean I can not sell them on ebay or have to state they are fake?

Hi ally7782000,

At all cost do NOT sell anything fake/counterfeit/replica on eBay you will get into a lot of trouble even if you declare them as fakes. It might lead to your account getting suspended or closed permanently.

Always keep in mind that eBay does not tolerate selling of such products. You can check for yourself through the link below -

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Hope this helps :)


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16 Nov 10 06:11:05 am
Be wary of what is perhaps the most overlooked fact of life in dealing with designer designer (or generally, just name brand) clothing and goods: there are no consistent supplies available. Versace is not selling to booths at the Vegas wholesale shows. It's just not part of their business model. So when you find a decent order of genuine name brand stuff, if your supplier is a good one, then you can probably count on going back and getting similar stuff, but in most cases you will have essentially zero control over specific styles, sizes, colours, etc.

In other words, there are no legitimate designer/name brand dealers out there where one can place an order for "Item A, size six, colour black, quantity one dozen." It just doesn't work that way. With rare exception, a supplier who offers you that option is in some way pulling your leg -- the stuff is fake, stolen, or cherry picked, the net result of which is you're getting over the barrel.


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