Real designers glasses at wholesale prices - Prada, Gucci

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15 Jul 08 04:08:11 pm
It's true. I can get my hands on real designer glasses at wholesale prices.

Jimmy posted about this. He said: 'But to those who really know the way these companies operate is that they never operate outside of thier mainstream channels. And they never sell thier items wholesale.'

He's right. If you contact these companies, you have to jump through all sorts of convoluted hoops to be approved to sell their product. They actually have to send a rep out to your store to approve your location as worthy to sell their stuff. So, it's pretty hard to get into it, unless you have an inside track.

It looks like I've got that...

Here's how:

A good buddy/colleage of mine is an investment banker out of New York. He works at one of the largest private equity/venture capital shops in the the city. Occassionally, he'll see a business that he'd like to buy himself.

Several years ago, he bought an eye-care store. Basically, it's a place like Lenscrafters. The stores are usually located in supermarkets. They have one eye-doctor on site, and one sales rep to sell the glasses and contacts.

Through his industry connections, my buddy has contacts with distributors for the Luxotticas of the world. A few months ago, he and I were talking and I asked him to hook me up with a pair... on the cheap. 'Hey, bro,' I said. 'Could you hook me up with a pair for cheap'? 'No problem,' he said. 'Cool,' I said. My cousin was there as well, so I asked: 'Could you hook me up with two'? 'No problem,' was the reply again. Then the light-bulb flashed. 'Well, what about 200... or 2000'?

That was a few months ago. We kind of kicked around the idea, but never acted on it. Long story short, we can get our hands on the real deal. No joke. No BS.

There are a few catches.

We can't pick and choose which frames we want. The distributors are looking to sell the glasses they couldn't sell. These are close-outs. Also, they want to sell 50, 100 or more at a time.

Anyway, I just read that article Jimmy posted about designer frames, and it reminded me about this idea my buddy and I had. It seems to me that if it's SO hard to get REAL glasses, it could be a good thing if we can actually get our hands on the real thing.


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23 Aug 08 12:13:03 am
This is why companies face infringement problems , because the dummies dont want to sell to just anyone, If they provide a authenticy ceritficate for suppliers. They could sell them, Forget the license, that is just a damn excuse, who are they kidding,it would make them alot of sales,every heard of the policy that what comes around goes around, Why spend all that money, if you can buy your items cheap on ebay, even if 90% of them are fake, they are getting what the company that holds copyrights deserves. Why help them if they dont want to help you the average seller, Good luck selling them because in the end it doesnt help if you can't sell their newest products.


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