Reliable Apple iPod touch Suppliers?

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21 Nov 08 06:54:53 pm
I am looking for a good reliable supplier of the apple iPod touch. I have talked alot with some suppliers from china but all of them only accept t/t or western union. I was wondering if anyone here could help me out with a supplier they may have used.


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12 Dec 08 12:58:59 pm

they are not original from china so honestly do not bother.
they are not possible to purchase cheap to make money from unless you spend many thousands to get wholesale from manufacturer.
Although the products look genuine from china they are there own brand only imitating originals.

hope this helps.

I was offered lcd tv's one time and they said they could but any brand on i choose samsung sony etc etc. of course i did not take them up on the offer.
be careful with china and never pay western union or any unsecured way.
Even pay pal is not the best.
its very difficult to get money back from them.

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15 Dec 08 02:59:56 am
moonlite, please head the warnings, i was was once gung ho like you, trying to get the bottom of the barrel deals on name brand electronics.. this is what they bank on.. the naive, and newbie to the business.. the great majority of anything coming from china is knock-off. even the finest replica(copy) merchandise. You also don't want to get into legal trouble. if you are going to purchase, from china, get no name electronics, goods, they do have plenty of those. You never, never want to pay using western union or tt. that is the same as cash, and china supplier are notorious for doing 1 of 2 things, either baiting you with an item you think your getting, and switching it with something completely different, or they may not even send you the product. the biggest websites with these scammers are trade platforms like alibaba, tradekey, ecvv and the like. I am not saying you can't find honest suppliers, but you literally have to go to china, take the tour of warehouses, etc.. and build genuine relationships. otherwise, your taking shots in the dark with trying to find someone reputable.

when it comes to china, You also want to deal with websites like chinainvasion, dhgate, and other found here on the salehoo site that jimmy hubber personally recommends. these website, offer credit card payments and escrow services, which you can either chargeback the merchant for your money in the case of a no-show product or with the escrow, they will not release the money to seller until your product arrives. Money can be made from china imports, even on the shoestring budget.. you have to plan accordingly, and find out how the item is selling on retail sites.

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12 Jan 09 08:01:24 pm
Have you tried MK Enterprise? They have a 4 star rating in the Salehoo directory and stock the Apple iPod Touch. Salehoo have used them personally in the past and have found their products to be genuine brands. Please check out the following link...
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They ship internationally and also offer dropshipping services to customers.

Hope this helps ;)

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