Reliable dropshipper for reconditioned Kitchenaid mixers

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3 Apr 09 08:36:28 am
Hi fellow Salehooers

I am a new member and have a few quick questions:

1) Does Salehoo compile dropshipper/ wholesalers list hailing from Singapore or the Asian countries? I cant seem to find any Singapore/ Asian suppliers on the members' site aside from China. Anybody could give me a lead on this (it could be for any products as I am targeting primarily local/ neighbouring market)?

2) I am looking into selling food processors, stand mixers, accessories/ attachments and the likes from brandname Kitchenaid. I cant seem to find any dropshipper for this within the site. Any reliable leads for this? Probably a dropshipper from some Asian countries.

3) Does anybody agree that having a dropshipper/ supplier from say US or Canada (thats where most of the suppliers in Salehoo list comes from) would hurt your profit margin as you would lose out on high shipping costs if you somewhere in the East and targeting local market? How true is this? Bearing this in mind, how could a newbie like me draft out an effective product sourcing and selling strategy so I could earn a decent living out of ebay selling?

Any veteran advice? Thks v much.


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24 Jul 09 09:24:39 am
Hi helluvachoice,

I know it's been awhile since you posted this. But I'll try my best to address your questions one by one:

1) We do have suppliers from other Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and India. Although they are not very many in number compared our suppliers from China. Please note that we do not have control over the location of the suppliers that apply to get listed in our directory.

To locate these Asian suppliers, please go to Supplier's (in the members area), type in 'A' in the 'Enter a brand or Product' tab and click on search SaleHoo. Then click on the drop down box ' Sort by Country' and click on the country you'd like to see suppliers from. The first or first few on the top of the list will be the supplier/s from your chosen country.

2) After a few hours of searching, sorry but we are unable to locate any suitable wholesale/drop ship suppliers in Asia or elsewhere for any Kitchen Aid products. Kitchen Aid has their own stores and sites located worldwide, so it would be best if you contact the one nearest you.

Here's the link to their Asian sites/locations:
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3) Being in Asia, yes the shipping costs will be a big impact on how you will price your products especially if you source them from the US or Canada. You could try sourcing your products from countries closer to where you are. Have you tried searching for Australian Suppliers as well?

Here's a post that may help point you towards the right direction with regards to your eBay selling:

Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps. Cheers :)


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