Replica sunglasses wanted

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5 Jun 07 10:19:31 pm
I want to buy some sunglasses replica.

Anyone could recommend a good seller that has good stuff???


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9 Jun 07 03:47:24 am always has sunglasses in big lots for sale.

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9 Jun 07 04:15:47 am
He wants replicas I think liquidation only has authentic brands.

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14 Jun 07 06:56:10 pm
Be cautious buying sunglasses from them. I just bought 3 pairs, cauitous purchase and I am glad I did it that way. They sent me the glasses and they were complete junk. 2 of the 3 pair had lenses which had fallen out of the frames the cloths looked used and dirty and the hard cases were crap. after dropping $150 including shipping they offere to refund me $30. It deosn't even cover the cost of the 2 damaged glasses!!!!!!

Stick with authentic, it will keep you out of trouble as well.


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