SamsClub, Wal-Mart ,Target Aquiring PS3 Consoles On the 17th

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16 Nov 06 01:04:15 am
All the major retailers will be Aquiring Ps3 Consoles on the 17th.

Best part is how many they are recieving.

SamsClub is only selling them to business members ONLY and they are getting approximately 2 for each store.

Wal-Mart will be getting 6-10 For each store but you can only buy 1 at a Time.

Target will only be getting 3-6 for each store.

There will be more released the day after thanksgiving but expect the numbers to be very small.

Most of the Circuit city and Best buy outlets will get 4-6 Consoles
No pre-orders on these folks so there will be a huge line of people hoping to get thier hands on them.

If your waiting in line for these items, You better pull out the camping gear cause its gonna be World War 3 outside most of these stores as parents fight to get them for thier kids.

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16 Nov 06 06:30:43 pm
Please be careful because some people don't like the lines. People have been known to get killed or robbed at these events. Get the product and get home safely please. Park in lighted areas and just be careful. Even take a friend with ya. Just my simple advice after seeing the mayhem during the xbox 360 release. For the days stores still be careful. This is a lot of money for some people and could mean several paychecks for some. I have seen people get hurt for less.


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