Selling Cologne or Perfume

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2 Mar 09 08:39:43 pm
I have been lurking around and doing my research on some items and was wondering if you all thought there was any money to be made in colognes and perfumes on eBay or if that market is a saturated one. If so who would I go through to purchase the items? Any advice is great advice at this point. Thanks.

PS- I have very little start up cost but should have some once the taxz return comes :).

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13 Mar 09 04:34:47 pm
try they have a few free listings of fragrance companies and game consoles

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13 Mar 09 06:08:48 pm
If you have little capital then selling colognes and perfumes brand new is probably not a good idea, with that said I saw Fudjj was selling some liquidated stock at around $4 a bottle or something.

If you can afford to buy a carton from him then that is certainly the way to go!

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13 Mar 09 09:51:01 pm
Yep, I can't really comment on whether the market is a good one or not, because it's one I don't know much about myself. However, as bevsey has kindly pointed out above, we do have some liquidated carton lots of perfumes currently available.

I won't go into great detail here, you can just hit the link and visit the booth to see more if you want, however the lots are brand new overstocks and retail ready!

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60 units per carton, with a 1 carton minimum purchase @ $208US, about $3.50US each. I can do volume prices for orders over three cartons to reduce the price per unit even further.

The lots have MSRP averages of between $14.00 and $29.00 per bottle, and contain a good mix.

Yell out if you need a shipping quote and I'll get that arranged, keeping in mind that we do ship internationally, with this load being FOB - USA.

If your in the US, then we can ship within 48 hours of your payment confirmation, with full tracking information supplied.

You can also try jimmy, not sure what he currently has available, but he may also have stock that might suit your requirements.

Just yell out if you need any further info, happy to help :)

Mark (fudjj)

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4 Nov 09 10:07:40 am
Hi Fudjj,

I know its now November but do you still have some of those cases of liquidation purfumes?



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