Selling Designer Handbags - Advice for a newbie?

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20 Nov 06 06:18:24 pm
Hi there, my friend and I were interested in getting set up to sell Designer Handbags on eBay. I was wondering if anyone had any good websites to get the bags at their cheapest? Also, has anyone used the Chinese Wholesalers for the bags? Are they real?

thanks so much for any and all advice given!

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20 Nov 06 07:13:04 pm
Most of the chinesse wholesalers sell knockoff products. Steer clear of them. Also selling designer handbags can be a very tedious process as it is almost impossible to just jump in to aquire them wholesale.

Most of the big wholesale lists sold on the net that claim to have wholesale sources for authentic designer handbags are full of it. Dont buy into those either.

You have to find a Supplier that has a direct source with the actuall manufacturers. And that is a rare find as those sellers prefer to keep thier profits to themselves. You might find one you can strike a deal with but it would have to be in the sellers best interest to help you aquire the product.

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